WTF IS “IT JUST GOT RENO” YOU ASK!? – It Just Got Reno is a lifestyle platform offering almost-weekly musings for those seeking illumination, inspiration, and inside-out transformation.”

To “Get Reno“: 

1. To conduct oneself in an radically authentic manner; to keep it real; to do YOU.

2. To make a conscious decision in honour of consistently, fearlessly, and playfully stretching and expanding ones comfort zone.

3. To take massive action towards honouring ones calling, and discovering and living ones passion and purpose. 

4. To possess a no-BS approach to life.

5.  Derived from the common phrase “get real”.



Play. Laugh. Express. Create. Grow. Love.



The “WHY!?” behind the IJGR lifestyle. 

Among other things, traditional media and traditional education have taught us little about life – little about consciousness, awareness, spirituality, self-development, and optimal living. There’s essentially a one-size-fits-all approach to most traditional systems, but one size doesn’t fit all. Traditional systems, more often than not, aren’t the best option and hardly prepare us for the “real world”, and society and mainstream media only condition us, keep us in fear, and further perpetuate all the bull!@#$. It breaks my heart to see us destroy ourselves, destroy our planet, squander our natural-born gifts and talents, and leave this world with regret – No more “What if’s,” “Would’s,” “could’s,” or “should’s”.

You know you deserve to live BIGGER, BETTER, and BOLDER! – Why aren’t you?

A “victim” of conditioning, and a product of the “system” or “rat race”, I was frustrated with myself, with my lifestyle, with my environment, with my LIFE , and a breakdown lead me to a breakthrough, which peaked my curiosity. “Is this really all there is!?” “Are these my only options!?” So, like a fish to water, I took to educating myself on how to live a BIGGER, BOLDER, and BETTER life; I had no interest in settling for the status quo, and why should anyone. Can I get an AMEN!?

Cut to the present, and I’ve unlocked and uncovered innate and intuitive healing abilities, allowing me to commune, connect, and create lasting insight and shifts for those I’ve had the pleasure of holding a space with. I’ve managed to amass the knowledge, wisdom, and experience necessary to begin living my wildest dreams and reaching my fullest potential, thanks to the informational and transformational journey I’ve been on over the years.

I now help people experience the kind of growth and transformation I’ve witnessed within myself, and within the lives of those who I admire. I help people bust through walls and ceilings of B.S. (bullsh*t/belief systems), and open up to a world of few or no limits. I help people create their desired lifestyles, from the inside-out.

Holistically accelerate growth and transformation within your life.

I’ve supported corporate employees in taking the leap from the cubicles and lives of someone else’s dreams, to entrepreneurship and lives of THEIR OWN wildest dreams.

I’ve supported coaches, entrepreneurs, and leaders in expanding their businesses and clientele, establishing and confidently requesting compensation for their services, and creating a more authentic personal image and brand.

I’ve supported visionaries in turning their passion projects into a reality.


“A delicious, transformational, authentic, and entertaining mix of philosophical life-lessons and advice for creating bolder style, and a BAD@$$ life.”

So here’s to the movers, shakers, noise-makers, risk-takers, dogma-escapers, barrier-breakers, core-shakers, and love-makers.


None of that air kissing and nonsense in this tribe – handshakes and hugs all around. It’s more “what up dog” than dogma.  It’s more about creating or finding your place, and less about “fitting in”. It’s more about tearing down walls than building them up.



Disclaimer: “Use this community to empower you and to help further your goals – with integrity, authenticity, and love.”