"It Just Got Reno"

- The Show

"It's not just a show; it's a way of living." 

This show was inspired by my frustration...

I joke that if Oprah, Lewis Howes, and Ru Paul had a baby, I would be their love child. Trying to imagine that is about as confusing as me trying to find my way in a world that didn't seem to be made for someone like me - which is why I created this show. For people like you and I.

I believe that the times are changing, and the world is opening up to recognize and make way for people like you and I - multi-passionate, dynamic, impact-AND-income-driven, spirit-and-heart-centered lovers and leaders.

If you're anything like me, you might believe in God AND the Universe; you might identify as spiritual AND be totally down with Jesus; you love to get paid AND you wanna do it with passion and purpose; you might watch "Super Soul Sunday" AND "The Real Housewives"; you dig the outdoors AND take your grooming seriously; you bliss out to meditation music AND you'll bump and grind to Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar; you love Kombucha AND you like to sip on a stiff cocktail from time to time.

WTF is this "It Just Got Reno" show?

I created this show and this platform because it's what I wanted, and I believe there are others that might want this too. Entertainment, education and experiences infused with style AND substance, inspiration AND transformation.

This is for people who value a bit of action, a bit of glamour, a lot of depth, and some practicality to make it worth the time spent. People who are looking for a world that isn't all foo-foo, woo-woo, or coo-coo, but just the right mix of all of the above. 

We enjoy entertainment that makes us laugh and cry and gasp, AND also invites us to explore HOW to live and thrive in this crazy world on our own terms, instead of simply giving us a glimpse at the lives of those who are already living the dream, and leaving us feeling crappier than we did before we tuned in.

This world was not created for people like us - so I think it's time we co-create our own.

Here's to creating and living an inspired life.

Join The Tribe!

People just like you - multi-passionate, dynamic, impact-and-income-driven, spirit-and-heart-centered lovers and leaders - are connecting, creating, and collaborating as we speak, and I'm personally inviting you to join in on the action. And, let's be honest, it sucks trying to do it all on our own. See you on the other side!

Get Inspired

Imagine yourself living an inspired life; a life where you did more of what gave you energy and less of what drained you.

Get Raw

Imagine a world where you could share your deepest struggles and truths with people who understood you.

Get Real

Imagine how much lighter you'd feel if you no longer had to pretend you had it all together.

Get Connected

Imagine feeling an unyielding sense of fulfillment, flow, alignment, and support in your environment.