Disclaimer: You can skip this sh*t if you dislike reading, but I recommend you don't, because I wrote it for you - for us.

You're hiding - and I believe that one some level you know it, but you don't allow yourself to own it, because what a painful truth that would be. The fear of coming out is far worse than the weight of the shame you endure - and so you stay hidden. It's in the moments you want to share your perspective, or introduce yourself to the stranger across the room who seems to stand out for some reason, but you shut down instead. It's in the moments you want to sing and dance like nobody's watching, but you choose to sit and watch. It's in the moments you want your friends and family to know YOUR truth, and to see YOU and hear YOU, but the fear of how they'll react is far too intense to face - so you stay small. It's in the moments you convince yourself that you're not ready to share what you've got to offer until you've curated the perfect image - until you're finally perfect and you finally feel ready. SPOILER ALERT: You always were and you never are.

I see you. Some part of you knows that you're ready, and that you'd come alive if you could finally work up the courage and confidence to speak your truth, create and share the thing, make the call, talk to so-and-so, let go, sell the stuff, quit the shitty gig, book the ticket, set the date, book the venue. You know you'd come alive if you were willing to express yourself - to expose yourself. 

I know you. You're my best friends - the ones who dream of doing the crazy sh*t they see others doing, but convince themselves is just not for them, because they're too old, or too grown up, or not ready, or too comfortable. You're my mom. You're my best friend's mom - and dad. You're my clients. You're in the comments of the videos and posts; watching them live their exciting lives and create and do cool sh*t while you wonder why you still feel stuck and if you'll ever figure it out.

I am you. I've courageously and anxiously expressed myself. Reluctantly and vulnerably exposed myself. I've risked my reputation in honour of the freedom to unapologetically do and be me. I've boldly asked for and gone for what I wanted. And still, I hide too. I don't always speak up in situations where I feel afraid or it feels uncomfortable. I don't always approach the stranger to introduce myself. I don't always do the thing I know I'm inspired to do, because I'm afraid I don't have what it takes, or nobody will show up and it'll be like the time I was 5 and nobody showed up to my birthday party all over again (it was sad).

"If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you.' - Saint Thomas

They say we're only as sick (and as stuck) as our darkest secrets, which would make sense considering dis-ease, depression, oppression and repression are all byproducts of a lack of self-exposure and self-expression. I believe that much of the internal suffering experienced by those who have the privilege of access to clean drinking water, food, work, technology, healthcare and human connection is a result of internal dis-ease, which is reflected in the sate of our collective society. Throughout my years of experience and time spent "doing the work" on myself and others, I've discovered that one of the keys to inner and outer peace and freedom, and exceptional health, wealth and happiness is in our willingness to experience, express and expose ourselves. 

During my earlier years, I was angry, sad, depressed, confused, broke, lonely and lost - but I looked like I was okay. Turns out all the distractions in the world would never be enough, and I would eventually break down. It wasn't until I was finally willing to cut the sh*t and come out of hiding that my life changed dramatically. I discovered my purpose and the work I'm most excited to do, the people I'm most excited to be with, the environments I'm most excited to live and play in, and so on. I discovered MYSELF. Those who know me are shocked and pleasantly surprised to see how I used to look and to hear about how I used to be compared to who I've become today. I believe the same is possible for you.

There's a gaelic term "Anam Cara" which translates to "soul friend". John O'Donohue refers to this person as "a person to who you could reveal the hidden intimacies of your life," and it's said that such a person is an important part of one's personal, professional and spiritual development. This I wish to be with you. This I wish to create with you.

Yours is not to be like me, or them. Your is not to do what I do or what they do. Yours is to be you and do you. Mine is to help you be the best of you and do the best of you - to remember and remind you who you are when you forget.

I believe you already know the answers. I believe you already know what you want/need/desire to do and be and create and express. I believe you hold within you a powerful vision for yourself, your life, and your future. I believe this is all buried somewhere beneath the bullsh*t belief that there's something wrong with you; that who you are right now isn't enough; that where you are in this moment isn't okay. And, I believe that you are one thought, one idea, one conversation, one shift away from stepping into this vision, this embodiment, this life you painfully long for inside - if only you are willing to expose yourself.

Let's begin - again. Together.

If you're truly ready for the life you know you're born to live, I've got a gift for you. Click below, and I'll see you soon. 

It's time.

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