I imagine you feel a bit lost, a bit tired, a bit frustrated, a bit lonely and occasionally empty. I imagine you've asked yourself questions like "Who am I', "Why am I here", "Is there more to life than this", and "When will it get easier?" I imagine you've laid awake at night worrying about the state of your relationships (or lack thereof), your job (or lack thereof), your bank account balance, your future, and your well-being (or lack thereof). I imagine you might have daydreamed about quitting your soul-sucking work, booking a flight to some nature and culture-rich location, and living off the radar for a while.

You're not alone.

The world is rapidly changing and people are waking up and beginning to value meaning in all areas of their lives: careers, relationships, education, entertainment, and even when it comes to the products and services they purchase. All the superficial motivators that might have worked for years aren't enough anymore; we're being called to step up and live in a more meaningful and heartfelt way. 

It's not enough to just pay the bills and provide. You, your partner, and your family and friends are yearning for deep and authentic connection. 

Job security, fancy titles, and cushy paycheques aren't enough to keep even the hardest workers inspired. Your team desires passion and purpose along with profit.

Your product and packaging and positioning may be amazing, but people don't really care until they know YOU and they know you care.

I'm not your conventional "life coach" - that term never really fit me.

You're not a conventional "client" - that term doesn't work for me either; you're more than just a "client" to me.

And, while the work we do together may have its similarities to "coaching", our journey together will be quite different.

How I live, lead, love, learn, serve, and earn is different.
​How you live, lead, love, learn, serve, and earn will be different.

You are different.
We are different.

We are not here to do things as everyone else is, and things are not always going to make sense. I'll even go so far as to boldly declare that I believe you and I are actually here to simply live and be in the moment.

To be and do me and you - which is more challenging than it sounds.

To follow what feels most natural, inspiring and meaningful - which isn't always easy. 

And not to "hustle" and "grind" - which might sound "cool", but feels totally unnatural to me.

I've worked with coaches, leaders, healers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, managers, and supervisors.

They have:

  • left their jobs, created businesses and communities, and developed authentic brands;
  • launched projects born of passion, purpose, and the hope for prosperity for all;
  • increased their financial income doing the great work they're on this Earth;
  • repaired and restored and enhanced their relationships;
  • experienced the kind of shifts that fundamentally change a person and
    put them on a passionate, purposeful, and prosperous path;
  • come to embody the kind of faith and trust that is a prerequisite for truly thriving in all areas of life;
  • aligned with the message and the great work they're on this Earth to do and be;
  • come to embrace leadership with nobility, humility, dignity, and compassion.

What they all had in common was the awareness the belief that something wasn't working, the courage to dive deeper, and an openness to their unlimited potential and the possibilities and opportunities available to them if they were willing to see things differently.

And, like them, the answers are inside of and in front of, and have been all along; waiting for you to acknowledge, recognize, honour, and actualize.

This is why I'm here, and this is what I want for us all - to remember who we are.

This is what I dream of for you - that you know, and do, and BE YOU.

That YOU remember who you are.

If you're truly ready for the life you know you're born to live, click below to go all-in, and I'll see you on the other side. ​

Spiritual Life & Business Coaching

We'll spend the next 3-6 months turning the clear vision we create for your life, lifestyle, and soul business into your reality.


I'll entertain and inspire your audience, and catalyze action and positive change.

Creative Consulting

Let's explore how we can help you leverage your unique genius and stand out from the crowd.

Corporate Facilitation

I'll help your employee(s), management, and/or team function with greater synergy, by uncovering their individual and collective opportunities for growth, and developing a personalized experience to help improve morale and confidence, and optimize relationships.

Money, Miracles Mastermind

"Money Miracles Mastermind" is a 5-week digital experience created to help you breakthrough your limiting beliefs around money, own your personal power, and begin creating, attracting, receiving and recognizing abundance, wealth, opportunity, and money.

Group Getaways

We'll escape the hustle and bustle, and I will facilitate a transformational weekend experience where we'll create clarity around who you are, why you're here, what lights you up, and how you can create a life and a livelihood doing work that feels good.