Success Stories

Listen, I don't blame you. I'd want to know what I'm getting myself into too, which is why I asked some of the lovers and leaders I've worked with in the past to share their struggles and success stories with you. Scroll down, and click "Read More" to go deeper into each of their unique success stories. And, if you're ready to see what's possible for you, then click below and let's explore your potential and possibilities. 

I had a big challenge in front of me.. (Maxime)

He helped me to put my priorities first: ease, fun, and flow. It's been a #1 value for me since then. I'll never forget that. I had some ideas about where I could start to work hard in order to make it happen. But I realized I didn't want to work hard at all. Why should this be hard?

I had been feeling lost and powerless... (Ben.)

I had the intention to connect with a deeper part of myself in order to find my passions, my gifts, and a direction for my life that felt authentic. I had been feeling lost and powerless to bring meaningful change to my environment and to my life, knowing that something had to change.

I just started my online business... (Brian)

To be honest, the first two sessions were probably the most powerful ones. The first one I got extremely upset, not necessarily AT Reno, but rather because he chose to bring up a topic I didn't want to talk about. A topic much more stretching. Which ended up being quite pivotal in the direction I took shortly after.

I was ending a relationship and changing careers... (Max)

Reno helped me realize my potential. He carefully asked targeted questions to let me analyze and process my difficulties. He didn't beat around the bush when it came to getting to the bottom of my questions. It was refreshing to be able to share my story with someone so honest and caring! 

I was exploring ways to upgrade my life... (Solara)

Reno has helped me (in countless ways) to feel completely honored, lovable, safe, and brilliant for exactly who I am in his presence. Reno created a deeply supportive, inspiring container for me to open up and step fully into my power as a woman and a leader. 

I was constantly spinning my tires... 

Before I started working with a coach, I was constantly spinning my tires, spending my time doing minor, inconsequential, day-to-day chores in order to avoid doing the big, proactive things I knew that I should be doing in order to move my entire life forward.

I was at a crossroads...

When we started coaching together, I was at a crossroads in life after leaving an organization that meant a lot to me. I was unsure of which path to pick, and I was weighing my options from a very limited perspective.

Northern Hearts of Iceland

Icelandic has preserved more verb and noun inflection, and has to a considerable extent developed new vocabulary based on native roots rather than borrowings from other languages.

It's time to finally step into the spotlight, be you, be seen, and get paid to do the work you love.

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