"You're not crazy, and there's nothing WRONG with you - you just THINK there is."

You and I both know you weren't born to fit in - so stop trying. It's boring, it's blasé, it's exhausting, and frankly it's not you. It's time you finally cut the sh*t, be who you are and do what you're truly inspired to - live, love, lead, learn, serve, and earn on your own terms.

WTF is "It Just Got Reno"!?

You're here for a reason. Let's explore why...

You feel like you belong, but you've never really felt like you fit in. You're a sort of outsider who somehow finds themselves on the inside. It often seems as if this world wasn't created for you - you with all your passion, personality, ideas, and interests. When you hear phrases like "choose one", or "find your niche", you feel your heart contract and your soul shrink a little. You've tried doing things the way you were told to and the way everyone else was, and you've tolerated it at best with some success, until it left you feeling burnt out, broken down, dazed, and confused - 'What's wrong with me!?"

Guess what... Me too.

As a
youngster, I craved a classroom that encouraged self-expression, welcomed creativity, and encouraged uniqueness. As a young adult, I craved freedom and opportunities that allowed me to work within my zone of genius - connecting, mentoring, writing, speaking, leading, inspiring, ideating, selling, marketing, enrolling, broadcasting, facilitating. As a grown ass man, I finally get to do all of those things, and then some. I've created and I am creating a lifestyle that allows me to live and thrive within my unique genius, because what I've learned is that when we live from our uniqueness, everyone wins. You win, the people win, and the planet wins - because we're just better beings when we're in alignment with our Truest and Highest Self, and we're actively engaging in what energizes us.

Oprah's doing it, Kyle Cease's doing it, Gary V's doing it, Danielle Laporte's doing it, Simon Sinek's doing it. Careful though... It's not about doing it the way they're doing it; they're doing it the way they do it, and you've gotta figure out YOUR way. What makes you uniquely you, and how can you live, love, lead, learn, serve, and earn from that space?

I remember the first time I heard the words "How can I pay you," after spending 2 hours in a life-changing conversation - that was the moment I realized this wasn't just a some bullshit pipe dream, that I was actually adding value, and that I could actually creating a life and a livelihood doing all the cool sh*t I wanted to. So, I said "F*ck it, let's do it," and stopped trying to fit in and pigeonhole myself with niches and boxes and labels, and everything changed. Opportunities that were meant for me began to flow into my life with ease - it's as if I became a magnet, and everything I had so deeply desired but never allowed myself to want aloud just came flowing in. Heck, I remember a producer calling the boutique I was managing (he was selling advertising space) and deciding I was so unique that they had to have me on their daytime talkshow. I've been back over a dozen times. You see, everything that I suppressed in shame and fear is now the reason I've been able to create a life, a business, and relationships that reflect all of my zest, creativity, curiosity, and humanness.

I get to help folks like you align with everything you desire in your life, relationships, and business, and get paid to do what you enjoy, in a way that feels authentic, inspired, and gooooood. I get to appear on television, speak at events, host my own show "It Just Got Reno", and lead kick-ass events, retreats and meetups throughout the year for lovers and leaders just like you. I get to work with companies to help them improve and transform their teams, and while improving the "5 P's" that matter most to them: people, purpose, planet, purpose, profit and productivity.

Getting to wear all the hats we want is one of the many perks of choosing to go all-in on ourselves instead of trying to fit into a way of life that wasn't created for us.

I see you, I was you, I am you, and this next chapter of my journey is about helping lovers and leaders like you create lives, businesses, and relationships that reflect what makes you uniquely you. It's YOUR time to RISE and SHINE.

Here are a few success stories from some of the Lovers and Leaders I've worked with in the past...


"I even decided during one of our sessions to travel for a long period of time - an unforgettable experience that shaped who I am today."


"Through different ideas and blocks I had (money, clients, core activities, what am I really inspired to create), I found clarity and focus. I ended up creating my own path to creating clients, engaging with people through authentic conversations. I had a new power."


"I was ending a relationships and changing careers.
Reno helped me realize my potential."

"It Just Got Reno" - The Show

This show is an experiment.

"Because I wanna," felt like a good enough reason to say "YES" to the inspiration to create an edutainment talk show. And because I wanted to create something that combined the candour, humour, and cheeky curiosity of Andy Cohen; the wit, glamour, and creativity of Ru Paul; and the heart, soul, and intentionality of Oprah Winfrey - all characteristics that, in essence, add up to the sum of my soul and this show. 

Get Inspired

Imagine yourself living an inspired life; a life where you did more of what gave you energy and less of what drained you.

Get Raw

Imagine a world where you could share your deepest struggles and truths with people who understood you.

Get Real

Imagine how much lighter you'd feel if you no longer had to pretend you had it all together.

Get Connected

Imagine feeling an unyielding sense of fulfillment, flow, alignment, and support in your environment.